Proven Energy Savings

Funded by the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change, the Radfan has been extensively trialed and tested in labs and real world homes to make sure that the Radfan helps you feel warmer and reduce your energy bill.

The below results and figures shown were applicable when the test was done, whereas at today’s energy costs, the expected savings are:

Up to £300 per annum if you have a gas boiler

Up to £700 per annum if you have an electric boiler

Field Trials

9 Housing Associations, 99 Homes

Testing devices in real homes is vital and so we teamed up with DECC and 9 housing associations to better understand how people respond to the Radfan.

Each home lived with the Radfan for 2 months and was asked a set of questions before and after the trial.

Pre Radfan Installation:

43% noted that can’t afford their energy bill

47% do not feel warm enough at home

42% use secondary heating

Post-Radfan Installation:

86% felt increase in thermal comfort

45% reduced heating use

53% reduced use of secondary heating

Average Expected Energy Savings:

2565 kWh reduction in heating energy use

£267 saved per year

The Radfan works best in homes that are already insulated with 2 or 3 bedrooms. One of the key takeaways from participants is that they like the effect of feeling warm air coming from the unit.

People love the Radfan as they not only feel an increase in their comfort but it also gives them an extra layer of control to help keep warm and tackle ever increasing fuel bills.

Lab Testing

Salford University Energy House
The Energy House at Salford University is a fully instrumented house built in an environmental chamber used by the likes of Saint Goban and B&Q to test energy-saving product.


We installed a Radfan in the living room of the Energy House and monitored the home, with and with out the Radfan running, over two 48 hour periods. The house’s heating was set to run 24 hours a day, with the water set to 82°C, thermostat set to 21°C and the curtains opened at 9 AM and closed at 4 PM.


1.02°C warmer at sofa height

35% reduction in heat lost through the window

25% reduction in thermal stratification

Annual Energy Saving:

720 kWh reduction in heating energy use

£31 saved per year

Total Expected Energy Savings:

2595 kWh reduction in heating energy use

£106 saved per year

Total savings for the Radfan of around £106 per year come from people feeling warmer and using their heating less, combined with the thermostat turning off sooner as demonstrated by the testing at Salford University.


Energy savings will only be achieved if residents actually turn down radiator valve/s on the radiators where Radfan had beeninstalled, or turn down their room thermostat settings, as a consequence of feeling warmer faster.

“Made a big, big difference. A hell of a difference.”

– A happy Gentoo tenant

The tenants who turned their thermostats down will save between 5 and 10% on their heating bill for every 1°C reduction, or between £50 and £100 per year.