Warranty, Refund and Returns Policy


Radfan Ltd provide a 2 year warranty from the date of your purchase/sales order acknowledgment, against any manufacturing fault.

Important information about Radfan

Before returning your Radfan please consider the following –

• Radfan is not designed to start immediately after being plugged in and switched on (excluding the Radfan Extra models with switch set on summer position).

• Do not expect the fans to run straight out of the box. Assuming the Radfan is mounted on top of your radiator the fans will only start a few minutes after sensing the warmth .
When your heating switches off and radiators cool below 30 degrees C the fans will automatically switch off so as not to blow non-heated air.

• Radfan is not a silent product.
The fan speed (noise) is designed as the optimum solution between airflow and noise level. For any model containing the word ‘NEW or ‘Extra’ customers can adjust the fan speed (noise).

• We cannot accept returns of Radfan Small products for reason of lack of performance if you are attempting to use the Radfan on a radiator over 1 metre long.
The Radfan Small models are designed for small radiators up to a maximum length of 1 metre. It contains 2 fans. Do not purchase this for use on radiators over 1 metre long. Instead purchase the Radfan Medium models which are twice as long and contains 4 – 6 fans.

How to Return Your Radfan

If you are still not satisfied with your Radfan product for reasons not covered above, please get in touch with us in the first instance by email to returns@radfan.co.uk so we can take a note of your order number and provide you with a return address.
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