Radfan NEW Extra Small – Radiator Booster

Radfan NEW Extra Small – Radiator Booster


The Extra Small is a distinct model, designed for both summer and winter use. It also allows you to control the fan speed/airflow.

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Summer mode – Air circulation

Designed for both summer and winter use – all the benefits of the Radfan Classic Small model for winter use plus the additional feature of air circulation during warm summer days and nights, when the air is still and sticky.

​A discretely positioned onboard rocker switch enables summer mode, when the 2 fans will constantly circulate background air, drawing up cooler air from the floor level, over the water-filled metal radiator and pushing this out horizontally at radiator top height into the room.

Control speed / airflow

The Radfan New Extra models are supplied with a multi-speed position switch on their plug top power supply.
This allows you to set the speed / airflow of the fans.

Fits All

As the smallest member of the Radfan family, the Radfan New Extra Small is perfect for radiators small and large. For radiators over 1m in length we recommend the medium model which as 4 fans. The magnets secure it on to both single and double panel radiators.

Winter Mode – Get the warmth out

We can’t always avoid placing sofas in front of radiators. The higher airflow fans in the Radfan New Extra Small means that every last bit of warmth gets out in to the room and not trapped in your sofa.

Winter Mode – Trap the heat in

For radiators under windows the Radfan New Extra Small reduces heat lost through the window by 35%. Keep the warmth in your home and stop warming up the great outdoors.

Forget about it

In winter mode the built in thermostat means the Radfan New Extra Small runs itself and won’t bother you at all. When the radiator is hot, your Radfan Extra Small turns itself on.

​In summer mode the thermostat is bypassed enabling the fans to provide continuous background air circulation.

​Very low power fans (2 fans at up to 1 Watt each) means that the Radfan New Extra Small currently costs a maximum of 0.5 pence per day in winter mode or a maximum of 1.5 pence per day to run continuously in summer mode, based on current average electrical energy domestic tariff of 34p per kilowatt-hour.

The Radfan has been designed from the ground up to be a simple self install product. It secures by magnets to the top of your radiator and installs in less than 30 seconds – it’s just like installing a reading lamp.

​Please note that Radfans must not be placed on any heating device other than a water-filled steel-panel radiator. Radfans are not recommended for use with electric radiators/storage heaters or other types of radiator due to higher surface temperatures and varying designs, making a secure fit and safe operation impossible to guarantee.

Technical Details

Size & Weight

• Length: 51 cm / 21″
• Height (overall): 11.5 cm / 4.5″
• Height (above radiator): 8 cm / 3.1″
• Depth: 7.5 cm / 3″
• Weight: 545 g / 19.2 oz
• Cable length: 3 m / 9′ 10″


• 2W, 12V DC


• 0°C – 80°C

In the box

• Radfan New Extra Small
• DC power supply (UK 3 pin plug)