Radfan Extra Boost- For use with Air Source Heat Pumps

The Radfan Extra Boost is the latest model in the Radfan range, but designed with air/ground source heat pump system applications in mind.

Just as the Classic Radfan, this model helps make residents feel warmer more quickly so potentially reducing their energy bills, and reduces the conditions which promote the growth of mold.
When fitting air/ground source heat pump systems in place of gas boilers, it’s best to replace the traditional radiators with larger surface area output models, or under floor heating solutions because of the lower hot water circulating temperatures typically found with heat pump systems. However, because Radfan Extra Boost models have both faster and more fans than the Radfan Classic, as a compromise they can be sited on top of existing radiators and could potentially save up to £4000 of installation costs.
They will improve existing radiators performances and save cost and disruption of radiator replacement plus re-decoration.

The Resident (or Heat pump system Commissioning Engineer) can adjust the heat draw off according to the rooms use/function by altering the speed of the internal fans via a multi position switch located on the front face of the plug top power supply unit using a small key provided. There are 6 possible settings from 4.5 up to 12 vdc.
Higher speed settings are good for larger volume rooms possibly with vaulted ceilings. Alternatively, on the lower voltage settings the Radfan will be significantly quieter, but move correspondingly less air. Better for smaller volume rooms and bedrooms.
The Radfan Extra Boost also incorporates the Summer mode switch which facilitates bypassing the internal thermostat in the Radfan that normally prevents the fans from starting unless the radiator is warm. With the switch on Summer mode setting the Radfan Extra Boost provides air circulation in the room regardless of the radiator temperature.(if the ASHP is struggling to get the radiator temperatures high enough).
The Radfan Extra Boost is available as a either Small or Medium model, 56cms or 96 cms long.
Housing Associations can purchase in bulk, directly from us.